Municipal solid waste (msw)

Planta de valorización de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos (RSU), Zabalgarbi.SENER has developed and patented high efficiency steam cycles with tried-and-tested robustness in the energy recovery of municipal solid waste (MSW).

This application uses thermodynamic cycles, called SENER-2 and SENER-4, at high steam pressures and low temperatures, that are regenerative and have two phases of pressure: high (superheated steam) and low (reheated steam) in two-stage steam turbines, that are able to exceed the traditional technical and financial drawbacks of the processing of municipal solid waste.

The benefits provided by this SENER solution are:


  • reduction of corrosion problems in the furnace (T<400 °C)
  • increase of overall performance

 Environmental and social:

  • primary energy savings through renewables: 47% (≈ 44,000 TEQ/year)
  • replacement of primary energy with renewable energy in an amount corresponding to 23,500 TEQ/year
  • reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to 440,000 t/year
  • reduction of environmental impact by kWhe


  • improved availability and performance
  • reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • reduced costs for MSW treatment and management 

Along these lines, the SENER 2 thermodynamic cycle has been applied in the Zabalgarbi MSW power plant in Bilbao (Spain), which has been in operation since 2004.


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