SENER attends the Concentrated Solar Power Seminar in Chile

26/04/2019 (Chile)
SENER attends the Concentrated Solar Power Seminar in Chile

SENER is one of the companies invited to the seminar on solar thermal energy, “Concentrated Solar Power, a key choice for Chile's energy transition” organized by the ACSP, Comité Solar and GIZ associations on April 25 in Santiago de Chile.

This is an event for energy sector professionals to discuss the opportunities to develop this type of renewable energy: concentrated solar power (CSP) or solar thermal energy, unlike other renewable energies such as wind or photovoltaic, is able to store surplus energy for hours and can therefore be used to meet peak demand.

On this sector, SENER offers its experience as a leading company in spearheading the development of worldwide projects and cutting-edge technology in the CSP market: SENER has been involved in 29 plants, most of them turnkey projects, in Spain, the United States, South Africa (Bokpoort, Kathu and Ilanga-1 CSP plants) and Morocco (Noor I and Noor II parabolic trough plants and Noor III central tower plant), which account for more than 2,000 MWe of installed power and a saving of more than one million tons of CO2 per year.

In these projects, SENER implements its own technological solutions that have placed it at the forefront of technology, with groundbreaking power plants such as Gemasolar, the first to operate commercially in the world using molten salt storage system and high temperature central tower receiver technology. SENER is currently working on Noor Ouarzazate III, the world's largest power plant with this very same technology, where it has put into practice all the lessons learned from Gemasolar, its first successful project.

SENER's presentation, given during the seminar by Sergio Relloso, from SENER’s Renewable Energy Business Development, deals precisely with these two plants, which have become a benchmark in the global CSP market. Under the heading 'Gemasolar 20 MW CSP Tower TES 15 hours (2011) AND NOOR III 150 MW CSP Tower TES 7.5 hours (2018)', Sergio Relloso explains how central tower plants with SENER technology have developed since Gemasolar -  a 19 MW power plant with 15 hours of molten salt storage that was the first solar plant in the world to generate power 24 hours non-stop -, which came into operation in 2011,, until the recent Noor Ouarzazate III, just starting to operate in Morocco, which is now the largest central tower plant in the world, capable of generating 150 MW of power, with a 7.5-hour storage capacity.

For both projects, SENER has been responsible for engineering, turnkey construction and operation, as well as providing all the technology.

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