SENER installs its first photovoltaic trackers in Meteogune, the first experimental photovoltaic plant conceived for R&D&i within the scope of renewables

25/11/2019 (Spain)
SENER installs its first photovoltaic trackers in Meteogune, the first experimental photovoltaic plant conceived for R&D&i within the scope of renewables

SENER is a supplier of photovoltaic technology in Meteogune, a Meteo For Energy project installed at the Alava Technological Park (Basque Country, Spain) and inaugurated on Monday, 25 November.

Specifically, SENER has installed three single-row SENER PV trackers at this experimental plant. This mechanism is responsible for positioning photovoltaic modules with the aim of making an optimal use of solar radiation. Meteogune is in fact the first photovoltaic plant to feature SENER PV trackers, a technological development by SENER based on the experience acquired by the company in solar facilities around the world.

Aimed at reducing investment costs in photovoltaic power plants and with extremely high precision features, this product is part of a family of trackers for photovoltaic plants, known as SENER PV trackers, that includes single-row (used in Meteogune) and multi-row trackers (with up to 15 rows) that provide tracking along a single axis with a 2P configuration (2 modules in portrait array). Specifically in Meteogune, each solar tracker, with tracking along a horizontal single axis, covers an area of 160 sqm consisting of 80 photovoltaic modules with a total length of 40 m per row.

This SENER technology is therefore key to the performance of the photovoltaic power plant, which in addition to being an experimental plant (to test innovative technology, both the SENER PV tracker and a tracking optimization implemented by Meteo For Energy) will be used to supply a third of the power consumed by buildings E6 and E7 of the Alava Technological Park. Specifically, thanks to its solar tracker, the plant will produce 25% more energy than other fixed plants.

In the words of SENER’s Energy Business Manager, Borja Zárraga: "SENER has entered the realm of photovoltaic technology as part of its strategy of focusing on a market of renewables that demands increasingly versatile solutions. SENER thus adds its experience from over 30 solar thermal plants worldwide, with several patented technological advances, to guarantee a reliable, economical and extremely high-performance product for photovoltaic plants." He also added, "We are very proud of obtaining this contract for a project like Meteogune, which was conceived as a meeting point for state-of-the-art technologies to help the Basque Country become the flagship for the renewable energy sector."

For his part, Meteo For Energy R&D Manager, Ibon Beñat Salbidegoitia, stated: "The structure of the horizontal single axis photovoltaic tracker of SENER is very robust, achieving a precise tracking that allows us to carry out tests and accurately quantify the benefits. An experimental plant needs to have elements of high precision, availability and versatility in its management in order to create services and products with high added value to the sector. And SENER's tracker provides us with all these benefits."

Driven by the start-up from Alava Meteo for Energy, which is engaged in weather forecasting and producing energy to improve the management and profitability of renewable energy plants in different parts of the world, the Meteogune plant aims to promote and digitize photovoltaic technology through R&D&i developments. This will allow conducting research and development activities in sensor systems, data analysis and artificial intelligence applications within the energy sector.

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