The SENER Group takes part in activities to show its solidarity and help alleviate the health crisis by contributing its work and know-how

29/04/2020 (International)

In response to the health crisis triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic, the SENER Group companies and the SENER Foundation have sprung to action to alleviate the effects that this disease is having on our society.

In addition, professionals from the various SENER Group companies are lending their time and knowledge through personal initiatives, which are fully supported by the SENER Group, which is contributing its corporate resources.

The activities that have been launched, directly coordinated by the SENER Group, are detailed below:

  • The SENER Group has offered its capabilities in electronics, production, integration and assembly to various competent authorities.
  • Through the SENER Foundation, 8,150 euros have been collected among SENER people, which will go entirely to Food Banks to collect food, which will then be distributed among charities devoted to assisting people and groups in need. The company will match all the donations collected internally.
  • In addition, the SENER Foundation and SENER have donated 80 external mobile phone batteries so that people in the IFEMA field hospital can stay in contact with their loved ones, thus joining an initiative promoted by Telefónica.
  • For their part, the companies of Torresol Energy, a SENER Group company that owns three solar thermal plants in Andalusia, have made the following donations: food for distribution to families with financial difficulties both through the Fuentes de Andalucía City Council, where the Gemasolar solar plant is located, and for the municipality of San José del Valle (Cádiz), which is the site of two other solar thermal power plants, Valle 1 and Valle 2, the latter managed through the Red Cross. Likewise, 18 boxes of latex gloves of different sizes have been donated for the use of health and care personnel, as well as 1,000 litres of sodium hypochlorite, necessary for disinfecting the streets, public spaces and buildings, to the San José del Valle Town Hall.
  • SENER, as a member of the construction consortium, is also participating in the Noor solar thermal complex, in Morocco. In this town, SENER Engineering has answered the call for help made by the population. It did so by making available a cart consisting of tanks, pumps and pressurized nozzles to be used for disinfection, and also by donating 1,900 protective suits that have been used both for disinfection tasks and to prevent infection among health personnel at local hospitals. Both actions were acknowledged in the country's press with an article and a video.
  • The SENER Group has donated healthcare materials to different institutions: 2,600 FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks delivered to the headquarters of the Civil Guard in Madrid; a medicalized stretcher - which features all the equipment of an ICU and has internal batteries, thus allowing patients to be transferred without disconnecting them from life support equipment - has been donated to the Army; and, the Arganda del Rey work center of SENER Aeroespacial has donated protective equipment to health professionals at the Villarejo de Salvanés Health Center (Madrid) and its basic service area. In a signed letter, the director of the center was particularly appreciative of this gesture.

Below is a listing of the initiatives taken by people of the SENER Group companies, who are making a significant contribution using the means available to them, and which are fully supported by the Group:

  • Manufacture of protective visors for healthcare, security and other essential workers: professionals at SENER Engineering and SENER Aeroespacial in Spain have joined the initiatives of Makers, Sicnova, Maxvalley S.L. and Wakeupsmilen to manufacture protective visors using the 3D printers they have in their homes and in their workplaces. The visors are then collected and distributed, through these initiatives, to hospitals, law enforcement agencies, NGOs and other essential workers. SENER has covered the cost of the materials used to print these parts.
  • In Poland, SENER Aeroespacial professionals are also collaborating with local hospitals and other institutions by manufacturing protective visors using the company's 3D printers, at the rate of 40 units per week. The first batch of 25 units was sent last week to the MSWiA hospital in Wołoska.


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