Development of a Wave energy Collector

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Captador de olas de SENER
Captador de olas de SENER
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2013
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After an exhaustive technical and economical assessment of the existing wave energy converters, SENER has developed its own device based on the Oscillating Water Column (“OWC”) principle. In this sense, SENER has designed (patent pending) two devices to harness wave energy, for deep and shallow waters, of 2 MW of power each.

The device contains several water columns as well as pressure and vacuum accumulators, each connected to its own high-efficiency unidirectional air turbine that works directly towards the atmosphere. These accumulators provide stability to each turbine, so the efficiency is much higher.

SENER has patented the main equipment of the technology, a high-efficiency unidirectional air turbine and air check valves, and developed its own simulation software (SENERWave) for WEC performance and cost analysis that allows SENER to design and optimize the WEC device for each location as well as estimating the cost of electricity for a given plant size and location, independently of the technology used.

  • Main advantages of the device:
  • The equipment is out of the water. That means more reliability and lower cost of Operation & Maintenance (plug & play philosophy).
  • It is scalable.
  • It uses high-efficiency unidirectional air turbines.
  • Multi-column system and pneumatic accumulators to achieve a more stable and higher efficiency air turbine performance.
  • Possibility of “hybridization” with other Renewable Energies such as solar and/or wind.

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