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  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2013
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SENERWave is a software designed by SENER that couples 2 different solvers to simulate floating and fixed devices and structures in sea conditions: a fluid dynamic solver devoted to seakeeping simulations of 3D multi-body radiation, and diffraction problems and an open source equation based language to model complex physical systems. Simulation has to couple hydrodynamic and power take off interaction.

SENERWave allows to

  • Introduce the Wave Climate & Bathymetry:
    • Monochromatic & irregular waves, white noise
    • Different spectrum (JONSWAP, Pierson – Moskowitz, TMA…)
    • Currents
    • Wind forces
  • Introduce the Physics and Dynamics of the devices.
    • 3D Geometry of floating and fixed devices and platforms
    • Mooring Systems
    • Pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanic conversion systems
  • Allow to import and maintain meteorological and oceanic libraries for different locations.
    • Meteorological Summary
    • Scatter Diagram
    • Waves statistics.
    • Energy Evolution in different periods (kW/m).
  • Study the Wave propagation and the Resource (definition of frequential and directional wave components)
  • Obtain performances
    • Frequency and Time domain Analysis
    • Movement of the water surface
    • Water pressure over device surface
    • Fluid velocities
    • Body motions
    • Loads on the mooring system
    • Electrical production and Power Matrix
  • Optimization of device production
  • Cost and LCOE calculation
    • Engineering and Purchasing
    • Hull Construction
    • Equipment
    • Piping / Static Cable
    • Offshore Works & Installation
    • Indirect Costs
  • OPEX
    • Operation an Maintenance
    • Decommissioning
  • Calculation and Assessment:
    • Different devices.
    • Different locations.
    • Sensibility Assessments.
    • Financial rates and Parameters.
  • Result & Post-process (report)
    • Operational Data.
    • Production and consumptions.
    • LCOE.
    • Graphical Results.

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