UTE NOVO TEMPO Combined Cycle Plant

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  Central de Ciclo Combinado UTE NOVO TEMPO
  Central de Ciclo Combinado UTE NOVO TEMPO
  • Country: Brazil
  • Start date: 2017
  • Ending date: 2019
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GAS NATURAL DO AÇU (GNA I) is overseeing the construction of a combined-cycle plant, called UTE NOVO TEMPO, in the port of Açu, located in São João da Barra, in Río de Janeiro (Brazil), a project that is part of the Açu Gas Hub energy complex. As part of the construction consortium, Andrade Gutierrez awarded SENER the basic and detailed engineering contract for those areas within its scope at the combined cycle plant.

The scope of the contracts includes the development of a 1,238 MW net combined cycle natural gas terminal, with a 3x3x1 plant configuration.

  • Three 8000H gas turbines,
  • three recovery boilers,
  • one steam turbine.

The plant is designed to operate at rated power between 30 and 40% of the year (2630/3500 h/Year), and is expected to be started up and shut down daily.

The gas turbines will have single fuel capability with Natural Gas and the steam exhausting from the steam turbine will be condensed by means of a seawater cooling tower system

  • Characteristics:
  • Island operation mode is possible after a sudden load disconnection from the Grid, with the GT supplying the internal Plant loads
  • Service water from two different sources, external pipe and desalinization plant (developed by SENER)
  • BOP engineered for GNA I and II including Firefighting pumps, Service Water, Demin Water plant and Compressed air plant

SENER's contribution to this project includes the design and engineering of all the civil works (excluding collection and discharge) and the design and engineering of the BOP, as well as assistance with purchasing supplies by preparing specifications, technical purchasing documents and technical tabulations, together with reviewing vendor documentation

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