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Puertollano biomass plant

Biomass power plant in Puertollano, Spain. SENER has been awarded with the turn-key contract for a biomass power generation plant in Puertollano. The contract includes the...[+]

Huelva biomass plant

Biomass power plant in Huelva, Spain. SENER is carrying out the turn-key project of a 40-MW biomass power plant in Huelva. The contract includes the design,...[+]


SENERWave is a software designed by SENER that couples 2 different solvers to simulate floating and fixed devices and structures in sea conditions: a fluid dynamic...[+]

Development of a Wave energy Collector

After an exhaustive technical and economical assessment of the existing wave energy converters, SENER has developed its own device based on the Oscillating Water Column...[+]

Compression station La Laguna

Compression station La Laguna, La Loma, Durango, Mexico. SENER is reponsable of the engineering, procurement, construction and start-up of the  Natural Gas Compression Plant. Two SIEMENS STG 400...[+]

Compression station Villa de Reyes

Compression station Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. SENER is responsable of the engineering, procurement, construction and start-up of Natural Gas Compression Plant 3 SIEMENS STG...[+]

Empalme I Combined Cycle Plant

Empalme I Combined Cycle Plant, Empale, Sonora, Mexico. The Empalme ICombined-Cycle Power Plant Project consists in building, within 31 months, a  plantwith a capacity of 770 MW...[+]

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