Huelva biomass plant

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Infografía Biomasa Huelva
Infografía Biomasa Huelva
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2017
  • Ending date: 2019
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Biomass power plant in Huelva, Spain.

SENER is carrying out the turn-key project of a 40-MW biomass power plant in Huelva. The contract includes the design, supply, construction and commissioning, as well as the running and maintenance of the plant during its first two years in operation. The annual output of this low-emission biomass renewable energy power plant will be approximately 252 GWh, with a nominal capacity of 40 MW electric. For this type of plant, SENER has designed a high-efficiency regenerative thermodynamic cycle with reheating capabilities.

The Huelva biomass power plant incorporates SENER's own high-efficiency technologies, including its regenerative design with a built-in reheater, the biomass furnace that is equipped with a water-cooled grill and a steam turbine with built-in reheater. The plant will be cooled using mechanical towers.

  • Project data:
  • Biomass Firing Power Plant 40 MWe.
  • One firing boiler equipped with an air cooled grate and one reheating steam turbine.
  • Circulating water circuit is cooled by mechanical draft cooling towers.
  • Type of contract: EPC + 2 years O&M.
  • Scope: Basic and detailed engineering, procurement, supply, construction, start up and first two years of operation and maintenance.


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